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Hengshui allocates $265.9m for industrial development

Updated: 2016-12-20 08:57:24

Hengshui Industrial New Area will allocate 1.8 billion yuan ($265.9 million) into facilities to improve its services, and boost the transformation and upgrading of the city’s industries.

The industrial new area, located northeast of Hengshui city, covers an area of 128 square kilometers. It consists of three main areas --- the Hengshui Economic Development Zone, the North Industrial Park and the Jiheng Cyclic Economy Park, which are mainly involved in sectors such as food, chemical engineering, metalwares, engineering, rubber and other strategic emerging industries.

At present, Hengshui Industrial New Area has become the largest industry cluster platform of its kind in the city.

The area aims to serve as a place for industry to relocate to, away from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, including for plants, capital, technology, and science and technology workers.

To reach this goal, the Hengshui Industrial New Area plans to inject 1.8 billion yuan into the following four areas.

First, the area plans to establish a center for the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements. The industrial new area will collaborate with the Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in order to set up four academician workstations for a high-end scientific research team with no less than 30 members. The first round of investment will be around 100 million yuan.

The scientific research team is expected to launch around 50 high-tech prototypes and to transform about 20 of them into marketable products every year.

At present, two of the four academician workstations, along with national key laboratories for biochemical engineering and hydrometallurgy production technology, have commenced operations. The first six scientific and technological transformative projects have successfully attracted investment from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Creating a "Lanhuo Plan" base for Hengshui city is an initiative to assist the development of the district.

The "Lanhuo Plan" is a list of actions taken by the Ministry of Education to organize universities to help businesses research and develop new technologies and products, which are targeted at the needs of the regional economy and industry.

Hengshui Industrial New Area is going to cooperate with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development Center to serve as a platform for cooperation between businesses and universities.

To date, Hengshui Industrial New Area has set up 13 university workstations, covering a total of 35 universities from Beijing and Tianjin, and introducing 150 experts and scholars to Hengshui. It will also support 11 key university-business cooperation projects by establishing a special fund for them.

Third, as innovation and entrepreneurship is becoming a new economic growth force, Hengshui Industrial New Area is making efforts to establish mass innovation spaces to provide funds, technology and workshops for startups.

Currently, two of the three planned mass innovation spaces have commenced operations in Beijing and Tianjin, where 18 start-ups and 180 technical experts have settled; and the Hengshui one, which occupies 330,000 square meters, is under construction.

Fourth, Hengshui Industrial New Area will boost the transformation and upgrading of its industries by cultivating its own scientific research institutes and utilizing its technological achievements.

At present, it has established one industry research institute and four provincial-level engineering technical research centers. It is also becoming the lead research and development base for reclaimed rubber and reduction gears in China.


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