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Hengshui rolls out policies for enterprises’ growth

Updated: 2016-12-20 09:10:06

The Hengshui Economic Development Zone in Hengshui city has taken innovative measures to create a sounder business climate for enterprises, according to Hebei Daily on June 30.

The first innovation is a policy mechanism. The zone has allocated support funds to assure land use and infrastructure construction for worthwhile projects. Any project dominant in its industry can also get funds from 10 percent to 20 percent of its own fixed assets.  

In addition, the zone has made global procurement plans and is cooperating with financial institutions to support enterprises' science and technology innovation, transformation and upgrading, as well as their commercialization of research achievements.

The second innovation is technological. The zone will bring in 100 high-quality industrial research projects from colleges and universities over a three year period; it will also build international research and development institutions for the food and clothing industries.

The third is changes to the procedures within the investment environment. The zone has introduced trial reforms of the administrative examination and approval department to simplify projects' registration formalities. Procedures must now be finished within a timetable to provide more convenience.

At the same time, the development zone is committed to promoting the overall environment to ensure it becomes a much more comfortable and convenient place for residences, businesses and investment.


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