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Anhua Group’s International Logistics Park

Updated: 2015-9-8 10:26:03

1. Construction
The project is to build a modern services park that integrates processing, storage, logistics, distribution, marketing information, market displays and trade in 3-5 years to provide a logistics hub for Beijing and Tianjin, and Shanxi and Shandong provinces. Areas will be allocated for large cargo storage and distribution, agricultural materials and machinery storage, agricultural and sideline products processing, agricultural market, and comprehensive services.

2. Investment
Estimated project cost is 1.53 billion yuan ($239.8 million) in total, with 1,45 billion for the construction work.

3. Markets
The city of Shenzhou has many types of agricultural and sideline products, about 65 automobile and agricultural machine parts companies, and an automobile steering wheel center. Its Yilian Wenzhou Mall is a center for construction materials, house furnishings, hardware, electro-mechanical, and small articles business. The city handles 1.7 million tons of goods annually, but there was no large trade market with a full-range of products, advanced equipment and reasonable planning. This project will provide an updated, highly efficient logistics park that combines trade, logistics, storage and marketing for existing industries.

4. Construction conditions
The project is in the Shenzhou Logistics Park. Shenzhou city itself is at an advantageous crossroads of national and provincial routes, with the Jingjiu (Beijing-Kowloon) Railway Line running through it north to south, and the Shide (Shijiazhuang, Hebei province ? Dezhou, Shandong province) Railway going through it, east to west. Two major highways meet in the urban area, along with 7 national or provincial lines.

5. Economic benefits
The park will use a model whereby the government is responsible for planning and enterprises are in charge of operations, with markets around it to improve business sales annually.

6. Chinese contractor
The Hebei Shenzhou Anhua Group is privately owned and involved in catering, services, construction materials and real estate, with logistics being its main business. The group has more than 50 logistics companies in at least two dozen cities across the country.

7. Arrangement
Joint venture or cooperation.

8. Contact information:
Contact: Niu Erfu
Phone no: 86-10-136-1318-5100
Fax: 86-031-8332-6888
Postcode: 053800
Address: Niudecao Restaurant, Shenzhou, Hebei


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