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Shenzhou Power Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park

Updated: 2015-9-8 10:27:56

1. Introduction:

This power equipment machinery industrial park will be set up in the Shenzhou Economic Development Zone with a planned area of 10 square kilometers, for handling advanced machine manufacturing projects.

2. Estimated investment: 20 billion yuan from outside.

3. Market analysis: This is a traditional industry with a solid foundation in Shenzhou, where there are about 2,300 enterprises involved, including more than 150 large ones. Annual output of automobile engine cylinders stands at 1 million; mining dump trucks, 3,000; motor vehicle steering wheels, 5 million; brake systems, 500,000; western musical instruments, 100,000; heat exchangers and pressure vessels, 30,000; and food processing machines, 2,500. The Hebei Ruifeng Power Cylinder Co is the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engine cylinder blocks and cylinder covers in the north of the Yangtze River, with annual casting capacity of 100,000 tons and processing capacity of 1 million sets.

4. Conditions:

The industrial park in the Shenzhou Economic Development Zone is next to the Shijiazhuang ? Huanghua Expressway and the G307 Highway in the south and the Daqing ? Guangzhou expressway in the east, while the Beijing ?Kowloon (Jiulong) railway passes through the zone. So, it has convenient transportation and well-developed supporting facilities. The whole area is approved for construction.
5. Economic benefits: The investment benefits will come from land income or tax revenues.

6. Organizer:

It got approval from the Hebei government in February 2011 as a provincial development zone. The zone houses two leading industries -- agricultural and sideline products processing and equipment manufacturing. The development zone can provide better services for large projects and industrial parks for long-term development.

7. Cooperation: Sole proprietorship or joint venture.

8. Contact information

Contact: Zhang Zhanshuang
Tel: +86-189-0328-0029
Fax: +86-318-339-5658
Address: Administration, Shenzhou Economic Development Zone, Hebei province
Postcode: 053800
E-mail: chenshixinqu@sina.com


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