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Shenzhou Home Supplies Park

Updated: 2015-9-10 14:30:10

1. Project
The plan calls for a home supplies manufacturing industrial park in the northwest part of the Shenzhou Economic Development Zone with a planned area of 12 square kilometers.

2. Investment
Infrastructure: 1.5-billion yuan ($241.9- million)
Cost of industrial projects: 24-billion yuan
Source of funds: outside capital

3. Analysis
The project calls for management and professional work coordination and a special distribution of responsibility. Kuka, a home supplies manufacturer in Shenzhou, will lead the way and the park will take full advantages of local forests, wood processing, mechanical processing, textiles and clothing. Furniture fittings and fabrics will also be developed to sustain the growth of furniture-related industries and attract more large furniture manufacturers.

4. Conditions
In 2012, Kuka built a regional production facility in the Shenzhou economic development zone, which went operational in 2013 with an annual production capacity of 1 million sofas. The facility also boosted the development of related enterprises making spongy materials, hardware, lumber, and packaging materials. These enterprises laid a foundation for local furniture industry and helped develop a good environment for home goods manufacturers, with good prospects for development.

5. Economic benefits
Land or tax revenues.

6. The area
The Shenzhou Economic Development Zone covers 10 square kilometers in the eastern part of Shenzhou, with the Shijiazhuang ? Huanghua expressway next to it, the G307 Highway to the south, the Daqing ? Guangzhou expressway to the east, and the Beijing ?Kowloon railway running through it. The Hebei government approved it as a provincial development zone in February 2011. It has 110 enterprises with an industrial output value of 7.5-billion yuan ($1.2-billion) and consists mainly of two leading industries -- agricultural and sideline products processing and mechanical equipment manufacturing. The city wants to make it a driver of the local economy. The zone is expected to expand eastwards along the Daqing?Guangzhou expressway’s Shenzhou section, bringing the total area to 50 sq km. At that time, it is expected to provide better services for long-term development of large projects and industrial parks.

7. Mode
Sole proprietorship, joint venture, build-transfer (BT), or build?operate?transfer (BOT)

8. Contact information
Contact: Zhang Zhanshuang
Tel: +86-189-0328-0029
Fax: +86-318-3335-608
Add: Administrative Committee of Shenzhou Economic Development Zone, Hebei province
Postcode: 053800
E-mail: chenshixinqu@sina.com


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