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Volunteer shares experiences at Hengshui College

Updated: 2017-3-7 16:57:36

Hou Baoming (L) receives a certificate at Hengshui College on March 4. [Photo/Xinhua]

A meeting focusing on helping people in need was held at Hengshui College, Hebei province on March 4.

Hou Baoming, a man who won the honor of “People Who Moved Hebei” during an online vote in 2014, delivered a speech about his experiences of helping other people, which attracted some 300 people to the event.

During the past 21 years, Hou Baoming, as the leader of the Hengshui volunteer team, has with the team donated over 80,000 yuan ($11,591) to poverty-stricken people and helped more than 200 children return to school. He has also organized around 30 people to donate blood to needy people over a 10-year period.

Hou’s example has attracted more and more Hengshui residents to join the volunteer team. Currently, the team has grown to more than 800 members since its establishment in 1996.

The meeting was the first activity of this kind to be held in 2017, and a list of related activities will continue to be held at other universities in Hebei.

The meeting on volunteer work is held at Hengshui College on March 4.[Photo/Xinhua]

A student from Hengshui College asks questions during the meeting regarding volunteer work held at Hengshui College on March 4. [Photo/Xinhua]






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