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Dong Zi culture promoted in Jingxian county

Updated: 2017-4-14 14:53:24

The sculpture of Dong Zi is unveiled at Jingxian county, Hengshui, on April 9. [Photo/ce.cn]

Jingxian county in Hengshui is trying to raise its influence as a place of traditional culture in China, as manifested by an event staged by the local government at the 2017 China Dongzi Culture Seminar.

The event, which ran on April 9 and 10, was based around the theme Family Instructions, Family Discipline and Family Rules, and aimed to promote a modern way of life that combines traditional family culture with the Dongzi culture.

Dong Zi, also called Dong Zhongshu, was a Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) scholar who has been traditionally associated with the promotion of Confucianism as the official ideology of the Chinese imperial state.

People bow in front of flower baskets to show their respect to Dongzi at Jingxian county on April 9. [Photo/ce.cn]

Dong's thought integrated yin and yang cosmology into a Confucian ethical framework. He emphasized the importance of the Spring and Autumn Annals as a source for both political and metaphysical ideas, following the tradition of the Gongyang Commentary in seeking hidden meanings in the text.

During the two-day event, some 300 experts on Dong Zi culture and some of Dong Zi’s descendants gathered at Jingxian county, his birthplace, to discuss how to apply Dong Zi culture in traditional family culture education. Some 30 articles on Dong Zi culture were offered at the seminar.

The local government also organized a ceremony to show respect to Dong Zi, with a 3-meter high sculpture of the great scholar unveiled on April 9. 

People in traditional Han Chinese costumes read classic sayings of Dong Zi on April 9. [Photo/ce.cn]


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