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Hebei horticultural expo set to begin

Updated: 2017-7-12 16:11:18

A view of the Fuyang Building, one of the three main buildings in Hengshui special expo garden. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

The Second Hebei Provincial Horticultural Expo is scheduled to be held in Hengshui, Hebei province from July 15 to Oct 8, giving visitors a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city, as well as the latest building technology.

Under the theme of “Wetland Landscape and Leisure Lake City”, the Hengshui event is the highest-level and largest-scale expo on horticulture in Hebei.

The expo will highlight environmental protection, sustainable development, technological innovation, and harmonious co-existence between nature and mankind. It was announced by Hebei Provincial Information Department at a press conference held on July 6.

The Hengshui expo site, which covers 254 hectares, consists of four parts -- Hengshui Lake Wetland Park, marathon square, lotus flower garden and a newly built special garden.

The newly-built special garden is the highlight of the whole expo. It occupies an area of 89.19 hectares with three main features ?? Pitch Blossom Exhibition Hall, sightseeing bridges and Fuyang Building --as well as 36 exhibition parks showcasing the landscape art of Hebei province.

In addition, the special garden features the largest floriculture exhibition area in China, which is around 750-meters long and 30-meters wide, covering some 20,000 square meters.

It is anticipated that visitor numbers to the Hengshui expo site will peak at around 30,000 per day.

To make life easier for visitors, Hengshui government has extended bus routes in the city, and people can now take buses No 18, No 31, No 7 and No 16 to the expo site.

Meanwhile, the newly-built four parking lots near the expo site can accommodate some 4,000 cars.

As well as solving traffic problems for tourists, Hengshui city also set up five service zones, 10 commercial service sites and 10 volunteer stations at the expo to provide services such as catering, information, shops and tour guides.

The Shijiazhuang park in Hengshui expo garden. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

Activity Schedule for Hengshui Expo

July 14
A cultural and artistic performance at Hengshui Culture and Art Center in the evening
A drone performance at Fuyang Culture Square

July 15
From 9:00 to 9:50, the opening ceremony in the square of the special expo garden will take place
Hengshui Lake International Business Negotiation Conference

July 16
A collaborative innovation forum to promote Hengshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Sept 1 to 3
A seminar on wetland landscapes and ecofriendly city construction

Highlights in Hengshui special expo garden

No 1 Pitch Blossom Exhibition Hall

The name of the exhibition hall is inspired by Hengshui's city flower -- pitch blossom. The exhibition hall occupies 35,000 square meters, and at its highest point it is 36-meters tall.

Pitch Blossom Exhibition Hall is a large earth-sheltered structure, which applies creative design concepts such as natural lightening and a rainwater recovery system to maximize the energy efficiency of the building.

No 2 Sightseeing bridges
Two sightseeing bridges stretch across Zhonghu Street, linking marathon square and the newly-built special garden. The bridges are in the shape of a butterfly’s wings.

No 3 Fuyang Building
Fuyang Building, which is 24-meters-high and features an architectural style from the Song Dynasty (420-479), is constructed on a 15-meter-high artificial hill, which makes it the tallest building at the horticultural expo site.

The Chengde park in Hengshui expo garden. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]


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