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Hebei horticultural expo underway in Hengshui

Updated: 2017-7-19 13:29:55

The Second Hebei Provincial Horticultural Expo kicked off in Hengshui, Hebei province on July 15, giving visitors an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city, as well as the latest building technology. 

With a theme of “Wetland Landscape and Leisure Lake City”, the Hengshui event is the highest-level and largest-scale expo on horticulture in Hebei. 

The opening ceremony of the Second Hebei Provincial Horticultural Expo takes place in Binhu New Area of Hengshui city on July 15. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

A view of Pitch Blossom Exhibition Hall at Hengshui horticultural expo site. The name of the exhibition hall is inspired by Hengshui's city flower--pitch blossom. The exhibition hall occupies 35,000 square meters, and at its highest point it is 36-meters tall.Pitch Blossom Exhibition Hall is a large earth-sheltered structure, which applies creative design concepts such as natural lightening and a rainwater recovery system to maximize the energy efficiency of the building.  [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

The expo garden of the Second Hebei Provincial Horticultural Expo. The newly-built special garden is the highlight of the whole expo. It occupies an area of 89.19 hectares with three main features --Pitch Blossom Exhibition Hall, sightseeing bridges and Fuyang Building --as well as 36 exhibition parks showcasing the landscape art of Hebei province.  [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

Two mascots of the Second Hebei Provincial Horticulture Expo --a lotus flower fairy and pitch blossom fairy. The design of the two mascots got their inspiration from Hengshui’s city flowers and the shapes in Wuqing New Year’s Pictures, and both have different meanings. One features a boy holding up his thumb, conveying a wish for perfection and reunion; the other portrays a girl opening her arms to greet guests, representing the hospitality of Hengshui residents. The two figures combined reflect a positive attitude towards life, a warm welcome to visitors, as well as best wishes for the future. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

The night view of the expo garden for the Second Hebei Provincial Horticulture Expo. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

A view of the beautiful landscape architecture at Hengshui expo site. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]


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